Two Car Detatched Garages

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If you have a car, you will need a garage. Garages are perfect to protect your car from thieves as well as damage your car could face when sitting outside. Beyond storing your cars, garages can provide storage for your lawn equipment, outdoor equipment, and anything else that you need to store outside of your home. Garages can also provide the perfect finish the aesthetic appeal to your home, matching and complimenting the style of your home. It is a practical, and aesthetic aspect of most homes. But not all homes comes with garages, or the garage you want. Many people upgrade to two-car garages, but where do you go to find one? There are many, many options for you to choose from, from going into a home improvement store, to looking online.


Amazon is one of the most used shopping websites today, and almost everyone has purchased something from the website at some point or another. It is also an excellent place to begin your search for the perfect two-car detached garage for your home and lifestyle. Amazon offers a variety of plan, styles, and designs. A wide variety of companies can also be found on the website, including Cad Northwest, Behm Design, and Advanced House Plans. Amazon offers the plans from which you can build your garage, and does not include the materials from which to build it. It is important, however, because before you can begin building a garage, you will need the plans to gain the necessary permits to allow you to build your garage. There are plans on Amazon for everyone, and can often be modified for any needs, if you contact the seller.


One example of these plans on Amazon, is the Barn Style Roof Garage plan by Cad Northwest. The plans come with a material list, beam calculations, and instruction sheet for how to use the drawings. It also comes with the typical views necessary for construction, including elevations, floor plans, roof plans, foundation plans, cross sections, and electrical plans. The plans are specifically designed to help in all aspects of your garage building, from getting permits, buying the materials, and actually constructing the garage. This particular garage is a one story, two-car garage that is meant to be detached from your home. It measures 30 feet by 40 feet, and comes with a storage loft. The plans are also able to be copied as many times as you need, which is perfect for small contractors who can keep their plans for different clients, or for your own personal copies. The Cad Northwest plans also come with a 90 day Money Back Guarantee to ensure that the plans not only meet your expectations, but surpass them. This particular garage plan costs $219.00.


If you are looking for the perfect two-car detached garage, you have many options. But Amazon is a trusted website that many people are already familiar with, and offers a plethora of different plans for every need. If you would like to purchase the Chad Northwest Barn Style Roof Garage, please click here.

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